Visitors prefer Paris

Although the spring is still not in a hurry to pamper the French capital with real warmth, the stream of guests does not dry out. And hot exotic beaches, many visitors prefer Paris, which attracts an abundance of art exhibitions and festivals of international level. 


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Well, the choice of the most interesting program is yours. If you are a fan of painting and do not get tired of discovering new names in art, be sure to visit "Salon du dessin", where from March 21 there is a unique collection of paintings on paper. 


The exhibition consists of more than 1000 works of painters, mainly Italian and French schools and in addition to the works of the world-famous maestro, young talents will be represented in it, those who will form this area of art in the future. 


For those who want to not only enjoy art, but also to get some of the paintings for themselves, it's worth to visit the 12th DRAWING NOW art fair in Le Carreau du Temple, where two works of 400 international artists from 2000 will be exhibited at two levels of international galleries different corners of the world. 


The avid collectors, professionals or just lovers will be interested in Pavillon des arts et du design, which, from April 4, invites you to the next five-day exhibition of contemporary art objects kindly provided by various galleries. 


This year you can add to your collection not only works of painters, but also treasures of jewelry art or ceramics. 


In the beginning of spring the capital offers not only a collection of entertainment events. Since April 5, Salon du Running hospitably opens the doors to both professional athletes and business people whose business is closely related to sports. 


In the program of a three-day exhibition of novelties in the world of sports equipment and materials for runners, trainings, health programs, recipes for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and much more. So, if you plan to attend the Paris call girls event in order to invite a charming and sensible young girl as a personal secretary, and in combination, a professional interpreter. 


This will help not to miss any important details, and after a serious event to spend the evening in a pleasant company. The benefit of the capital has never been stingy on interesting proposals.