To the accompaniment of rain!

April was always famous for its unstable character. And although the spring is steadily gaining momentum, the weather can change several times a day, then delighting with clear sun and warmth, then pouring cold rain. When the skies are leaky, the mood clearly does not contribute to long walks, even in such a beautiful city as Paris. 

However, it makes no sense to be bored in solitude, new exhibitions are opening every day in the capital, concerts and festivals are held. Choose a companion to match from the Paris escort and go with one of the most beautiful women to comprehend the secrets of space, art and music. 

Especially for those who are interested in the secrets of the universe, an exhibition of meteorites is open. The organizers invite you to travel in time and space, presenting meteorites in the light of the latest scientific discoveries. Here you will find information about the places of fall, shooting stars and craters, arising from clashes of heavenly aliens with the Earth. 

You can go on a virtual journey through space and the origins of the solar system, as well as plunge into the world of scientific laboratories to study strange space bodies. Waiting for you showcases filled with meteorites, impressive forecasts and innovative devices. 

For those who want to touch the world of bohemia, from Monday to Friday invites Salon du Panthéon. One of the best halls of the author's cinema seduces coziness and elegant style, atmospheric interior with comfortable sofas, tropical plants and relaxing music. 

It is never boring here, because there are heated discussions after the film screenings, meetings with famous movie actors, concert events and exhibitions are held. Depart from the noisy bohemian disputes can be on the terrace, at one of the tables of cafes. 

If you are an amateur or a high-quality vinyl collector, be sure to visit the Independent Sound Recording Day on April 21, accompanied by high-class escort paris. The day will be marked by concerts, presentations and the sale of vinyl records, not only of independent French labels, but also of many rare and famous recording studios. Do not miss it, it will be an international festival. 

We hope that a pleasant pastime, regardless of the rain, will cheer up, and the girls from escort services will make an excellent company.