The festive Easter events

The trouble with these holidays, after all, despite the general excitement and elation of the majority, on holidays those who do not have a couple or loved ones feel their loneliness more sharply. And if you were alone in Paris on these warm Easter days, do not be discouraged.


A charming companion for a joint holiday can be found in the oldest agency in the capital, and choosing Paris escorts, go to any of the festive Easter events, accompanied by a seductive personal guide. 


For Parisians and guests, the capital has prepared many interesting festive entertainments. For example, on the Easter weekend Musée des Arts Forains offers an unusual excursion. 


The program has two teams that are formed from visitors. The main goal of the rivalry is to find the Easter hare in the museum, and for this it is necessary to answer, even to the most tricky questions of the guide, gaining as many points as possible. 


Thus, in an atmosphere of fun, jokes and high art exhibits, the team that scores the most points finds not only the symbol of Easter holidays, but also gets an original surprise, in addition to good mood. 


Fans of classical music will certainly be interested in an exclusive Easter concert, in which the works of Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach will perform in the performance of the quartet Paris Cité and the Classik orchestra. 


Well, those who are tuned to a frivolous wave invites Grand Musée du Parfum for a delightful night called "Perfumes and Chocolates". Be prepared for the most unexpected surprises, new flavors and tastes. 


Guests will enjoy tasting of delicious French chocolate, acquaintance with exquisite scents of new perfume and toilet water brands, exhibition "Chocolat et Champagne", and as the final chord of a stylish holiday you can create your own perfume of your dreams. 


It is unlikely that you will be bored, especially accompanied by the Paris escort ladies, since on holidays the hunt for Easter eggs will take place throughout Paris. In palaces and parks, on the streets and in entertainment venues. 


Everywhere, there will be laughter, music, bright shows, and restaurants, nightclubs and concert venues offering exciting new entertainment programs. 


Want to spend holidays fun, interesting and in good company - call. Our girls will make your holiday truly wonderful.