What to visit in Paris

Unlike the official excursion programs offered when visiting Paris by travel agencies, an independent visit to the capital of France provides much more flexible options. Depending on the purpose of the trip and the number of the "delegation", your own individual excursion program can be built quite differently.

Of course, the main object of attention when visiting Paris is the local Disneyland. This grandiose structure is in no way inferior to its American "colleague", and according to some reviews, it surpasses the transatlantic analogue. In addition, the following objects will be very interesting and informative:

It is noteworthy that the cost of children's tickets in the French capital is surprisingly affordable.


Business trip

Paris is considered one of the most attractive European cities for doing business. Loyal to the businessmen of the legislation, attractive fiscal policy, the opportunity to find an inexpensive office or business space attract business people from all over the world.

In the capital of France it is prestigious to conduct serious business negotiations. Moreover, in accordance with the romantic reputation of the city, they tend to be accompanied by dazzling beauties from Paris girls escorts, acting as referees. Most business meetings in this format are successful and mutually beneficial.


Shopping tour

Paris is one of the officially recognized world fashion capitals. The number of large shopping centers, chain stores and boutiques here is just off scale. The main directions for mods:

In addition, shopping is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the City of Love.


In search of entertainment

Paris is known, above all, for its romantic aura and an abundance of entertainment. To services of visitors of city - set of institutions of the most various sense. This is the prestigious cabaret type "Lido" or "Moulin Rouge", which are visited by men in expensive suits, accompanied by charming wives or gorgeous beauties of escort Paris in chic outfits and with dazzling smiles.

These are restaurants with their own individual concept, live music and variety shows. This and a variety of nightclubs with a very democratic atmosphere and a wide variety of cultural and entertainment program.

In short, Paris is able to satisfy any, even the most refined and fastidious taste.