Three pearls of Paris nightlife

The night life of the capital of France is famous all over the world for its richness, variety, bright colors and unique atmosphere. But even against this background, in Paris, there are three pearls, fanned by a legendary aura, a touch of mystery and a lot of mysteries. Speech, of course, is about the three famous Parisian cabaret - "Moulin Rouge", "Crazy Horse" and "Lido".


Moulin Rouge

"Red Mill" (this is translated the name of this cabaret) opened in Montmartre in the distant 1889. The choice of the institution's name was not accidental, deliberately causing certain allusions to the "red light district". And it is no accident that in this variety show for the first time in Paris from the big stage was shown a real striptease, still a highlight of the institution. Today this place is no less famous than the Eiffel Tower or Louvre.


"Moulin Rouge" - a place of pilgrimage of famous artists, musicians, artists and other celebrities, including politicians. Do not bypass this institution and the rich people, accompanied by girls of the category Paris call girls, which adds to the presentation of chic and dazzling brilliance. In addition to the exciting, bright and spicy show, Moulin Rouge offers exquisite cuisine, a variety of exhibitions, vernissages and other entertainment programs.


Le Crazy Horse

Another legend of Paris's nightlife, at the same time competing with Moulin Rouge and complementing it. The establishment, located in the former royal wine cellars, was opened in 1951 and from the very beginning it was oriented to the demonstration of a show with a pronounced erotic bias. A bright, colorful performance, in which girls take part with ideal proportions of the body, is the main "chip" of the institution.


This place also does not suffer from a lack of attention on the part of those categories of the public that are commonly called Celebrity:


But to arrange a feast of the stomach in the walls of the "Crazy Horse" will not work - all restaurants and cafes are taken out of the premises of the variety show.


Le Lido

Cabaret on the Champs Elysees was opened in a difficult post-war 1946 by two Italians. Hence the name, reminiscent of the famous Venetian beach. Bright suits of dancers, on which famous designers and fashion designers work, impeccable fascinating choreography, enchanting light is supplemented by the luxury of the public.


Gentlemen, dressed with needles, look even more impressive against the background of their companions - dazzling beauties from Paris escort agencies, wives or girlfriends.


Certainly, the nightlife of Paris is not limited to variety shows and cabaret. Yes, and a list of institutions of this type, located in the French capital, is much broader. But to visit Paris and not to visit at least one of the listed legendary places will be an unforgivable