Park de Prens

The forgotten backwoods, which even the Parisians who lived on the outskirts, called "food for the attacking wolves," became one of the main attractions of Paris. Yes, of course, this place can not boast of a deep cultural and historical component.


But why then is it possible to see gentlemen of royal bloodlines, presidents and ministers from different countries, some of whom look particularly radiant, accompanied by ideal beauties of the privileged class Paris girls escorts, who have the functions of a guide, translator and referent.


Quiet field

In fact, a football field in the suburbs of Paris after the World Championships did not go into some kind of "nothingness". As in Russia, all the sports infrastructure built for the grandiose world football event is sought to give the development of children's sports. And this is right, because one sports ground can solve a whole complex of tasks:


In addition, the so-called Battle-grounds entered the most fashionable trend of the last two television seasons! After all, even the tired housewives of their dogs, performing the function of clutch, watched with glint of heart the grandiose moments of the World Championship held in Russia. But in itself an ambitious stadium, built on the whim of a group of successful businessmen, has long dragged on a rather miserable creature.


World Heritage Park de Prens

Breathlessly, believing, or not believing, people waited and hoped. Waited, as usual, expansive Brazil. Waiting pragmatic Germany. I even expected the first time in history to enter the Panama World Cup!


But apparently fate favors the strongest. Or beautiful. It is not for nothing that after the end of Mundialya enough tired winners of the award on the pedestal dazzled the girls. Now no one hides that these were carefully selected models from elite agencies of the escort Paris class who are able not only to smile, but also to give a truly festive atmosphere to absolutely any event.