Best Paris Restaurants



Paris has a well-deserved reputation not only as the cultural capital of Europe, but also a kind of Mecca for lovers of gastronomic delights. In no other European city there is such a concentration of restaurants, cafes and bistros. At the same time the French do not focus solely on the national traditions of the cuisine.


They are quite loyal to recipes and dishes, brought from outside. Of course, it is impossible to list all the leading public catering establishments in Paris. Let's name only the most significant places.


Le Cinq

The famous restaurant, which is an integral part of the hotel complex "Four Season Georg V", located in close proximity to the Champs Elysees. Here, almost every day you can easily meet Hollywood and European stars, accompanied by their second half or dazzling beauties of the Paris escort girls category, whose charming smiles greatly increase appetite.


As for the menu, the lion's share of the offer consists of dishes of national cuisine, including legendary truffles, frog legs and famous French cheeses. But the cost of dishes in the restaurant, richly decorated with crystal and velvet, is appropriate to the level of chic.


Le Coupole

One of the most famous Parisian catering establishments, which won the world celebrity about a hundred years ago, strengthening the glory of Montmartre. The fact that the Kupol restaurant is protected by the state speaks volumes. Despite the huge size (450 seats), getting here is not so easy. At the same time the restaurant is distinguished by the democratic price and the environment, devoid of excessive pathos and deliberate chic.


That's why you can meet here as world-famous stars, accompanied by charming girls from the agencies of the category escort Paris, and representatives of quite an ordinary middle class. The main "raisins" of the menu are lamb in curry sauce and a variety of dishes from chicken. However, only the French cuisine the availability of offers is by no means limited.


Le Procop

The location in the immediate vicinity of the Luxembourg Gardens and the boulevard Saint-Germain is already bringing this place a legendary halo. Elegant and rich interior, twisted forged staircases, magnificent chandeliers - all this enhances the guests' mood and appetite.


The menu of the restaurant is quite diverse and includes, in addition to traditional French dishes and seafood, a wide range of options for a variety of original recipes.