Bourgeois bohemian night Paris

The popular and inexhaustible source of entertainment in the Strasbourg-Saint-Denis region offers Parisians and guests of the capital a bourgeois-bohemian alternative to the modern bars of Paris. If you belong to the tribe of night owls or bright moon and inexplicable vexation of spirit does not allow to fall asleep, get help from Paris escort service and, together with a beautiful girl start to an unforgettable journey through the night bars Strasbourg-Saint-Denis.


Cocktail Bar: Chez Jeannette

If you do not know what makes the old bar in the most popular place for night owls to check out the Chez Jeannette, where you will find irresistible retro environment contemporary live music and a long list of the floor of drinks and cocktails. This small bar begins to fill with people from filing aperitif time and achieves the highest amplitude to 22-30 nights when DJs start a solo program of musical improvisation.


The atmosphere is so relaxed and laid-back that every night it looks like a party organized by a private person. Not to get drunk too soon, do not hesitate to order a dish of sausages and cheeses, they are delicious and look good both at the tables and at the bar.


Underground Bar: Le Syndicat

When traveling through the streets of Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, be extremely careful, especially in the area of ​​the metro station Bonne Nouvelle. In the center of the district, behind the showcase disguised with a set of bright posters is a bar Le Syndicat, which relies on the art of French liqueurs. You want to go back to the bourgeois environment of our ancestors, be sure to visit a bar, and be sure to book «Le Sudiste», a cocktail which, according to experts, combines the charm of the French liqueurs.


An unusual place: Le Mauri7

Kitsch Bar, where the walls adorn posters and covers of popular music albums, and the red neon resistant bartenders team offers its visitors the most unusual cocktails. The background of the bar is ultra-warm, and the atmosphere is informal and friendly. Here it is good to have a rest with friends or a girl, or it is possible and with a wonderful companion escort Paris. It's not at all necessary to go to the bar for a fresh cocktail, waiters are within reach, so service, as well as music, is above all praise.


Cocktail Bar: La Petite Chaufferie

A special place for those who even at parties prefer cocktails with a prefix of bio. In this bar all bio, and the slogan is translated as - there is electro, listen to bio. As you understand the menu alcoholic and non-alcoholic bio-cocktails, and on hearing the fashionable today is electro music.