Soulful January in Paris!

January in Paris is a melancholy. Cold and damp, the sun, which peeps once a week, small puddles of melted snow, discourage any desire to enjoy long walks. Dull mood and spleen Parisians in January prefer to shoot with the help of art. Especially, this year, the capital has prepared very special art exhibitions.


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Be sure to check the Picasso Museum, until February 11 there is a brilliant exhibition "Picasso 1932 - Erotic Year." Organized in cooperation with Tate Modern, the exposition will present one of the most expensive paintings in the world "Dream", which for the first time in a long time returned to Paris. You are waited by the holiday of eroticism and sensuality inherent in the majority of paintings of the famous painter.


If you prefer modernity to classics, then you should visit the Pompidou Center. For the next couple of months, it will become a haven for several interesting exhibitions. Perhaps, the most remarkable, is devoted to a retrospective show of works of the most shocking French sculptor Cesar Baldaccini.


At the exhibition hundreds of works from all over the world are collected, which today are considered to be the standard of modern sculpture, and besides, all the works are made of so-called "production waste".


Well, in the break between enjoying the beautiful, the cold January offers to warm up with the help of special alcohol. Until the end of the month you will find a week of cocktails, which at discount prices offer more than 50 specialized bars in the French capital.


At this time, even if you do a haircut or a tattoo, instead of a traditional cup of coffee or wine, you will be offered the best French cocktails.


If you are not tired, visit the exhibition of the history of photography or look in the small gallery of the Louvre where a unique exposition under the name "Theater of Power" is exhibited. The focus is on the connection of art with political power, art as an instrument of propaganda or as a key factor in organizing subversive activities and revolutions. The exhibits are selected in such a way as to trace the concept from antiquity to the present day.


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