Paris and the best champagne!

An excellent wine is a visiting card of Paris, and champagne and beautiful women are its elite reserve. And if you have a special occasion for the holiday and want to celebrate it with a bit of romance, French chic and VIP service, we advise you to visit the most romantic bars or restaurants of the city, specializing in champagne wines, in the company of the charming model from Privilege escort Paris.


A beautiful woman as a companion will not only be a pleasant decoration for the holiday, but will also provide the services of a personal guide when necessary, an interpreter, and if necessary, the organizer of a romantic trip. You will only have to choose a place that perfectly suits your tastes.


And we, for starters, offer to visit one of the first bars specializing in Le Dokhan's champagne at the Tribute Portfolio. The situation fully corresponds to the specialization, and the intimacy of the atmosphere is ensured by a luxurious interior decorated in golden green tones, identical to that of the VIII century.


In the program more than 200 varieties of elite drink and a whole team of sommeliers, which will allow you to decide on a choice.


Each week, new varieties appear in the wine list, tastings are held in the evenings, and evenings once a month. To have enough space to try at least part of the rich choice and not get drunk on the menu, light snacks are provided.


No less interesting place will seem La Grande Dame by Veuve Clicquot bar in the hotel complex Sezz, whose name is timed to the prestigious harvest of the famous house Veuve Clicquot under the name "grande dame".


Champagne in it takes an honorable place, but there is also a cocktail menu. The elegant quiet atmosphere is complemented by music, and the black and red tones in the decoration dominate the windows. Private space for loving couples provide alcoves from the petals of roses.


Do not miss the best "champagne cellar" at Dilettantes. One of the new popular establishments offering 125 rare authentic varieties of elite drink. Each bottle in it is unique and has its own information sheet.


Paris call girls, if you want a special date for you to turn into a bright, pleasant and charming holiday. And stay in the French capital was another discovery, new interesting places, unusual tastes and uncharted entertainment.