Paris for admirers of art!

How many times would you not have visited Paris, if you are a fan of modern art, you simply can not avoid visiting his temple Pompidou Center. And for fans who like to enjoy art in a good company, we recommend a pleasant companion from Paris escort, so that they share their impressions and have a personal interpreter on hand.


The building, constructed on the initiative of President Georges Pompidou, is a model of modern and innovative architecture, whose facade, like a motley ribbon, is decorated with red, yellow and green canals. Looking eccentric object is a glass and steel structure of seven floors, not counting the terrace and mezzanine.


And in its bowels is the National Museum, the Institute of Acoustic and Musical Research, a free library, many exhibition halls, as well as cafes, restaurants and even a cinema.


But the most interesting is the exhibitions that are unusual, they represent the work of the most talented people from all over the world and practically monthly pamper fans with unusual spectacular expositions.


And if the date of your visit to Paris falls on March, be sure to check into the hall of modern photography, where the exhibition Brumberg and Chanarin Divine Violence takes place.


You will find 57 unique frames linking scenes of violence from different chapters of the Bible to real incidents in the modern world.


For those who want to learn how to make a sculpture from industrial waste, recyclable materials and inspiration, an exhibition of the world famous sculptor, who is called the man of "Welded Iron" Cesar, is open till the end of March.


Admirers of modern design should look into the design hall, where 5000 thousand unique pieces of furniture, created by people who have already gained popularity, are collected at the moment.


Not less than the interesting owners of modern gadgets will also find a media center, which includes 160 multimedia installations and more than 2,000 works in the format of video recordings, soundtracks, and websites created since 1963. Such a collection you will not see anywhere else in the world.


Enjoy the art and Paris call girls, if after an intellectually spent day you will want active entertainment, such as visiting nightclubs, dancing parties or romantic walks around the city. The city of beauty and fashion, as always unique, but enjoying its gifts, is better in a pleasant company than in solitude.