The Original Hotels in Paris

They say you do not get tired of the classics, but if you are tired of the pomposity of the palace apartments, do not like the traditional style inherent in most hotels and want dramatic changes, why not choose one of the Parisian hotels that are different in origin as a recreation base. 


They are not very many, but each is like a precious pearl, in its own way unique. 


Artistic natures and fans of bohemia, most likely, will approach JULES & JIM, a boutique hotel located on a quiet street Gravile. Plunge into the atmosphere of high art can be right at the entrance, welcoming guests 15 meter art gallery. 


Two paved courtyards, one of which is framed by a remarkable wall of vegetation, 23 rooms, in the style of fashionable minimalism. 


And literally everything is made of environmentally friendly materials - concrete, glass and natural wood. By Paris stylish, fashionable and beautiful. The bar, restaurant, library and private art events can be even accompanied by Paris escort girls


If you are interested in an iceberg like iceberg, we recommend staying at the Le Kube Hotel. Inspired by the harmony of Scandinavian design, the hotel offers a plunge into the atmosphere of the future. The walls are made of Plexiglas, hanging beds with lighting, an incredible combination of colors and a luxurious design. 


The bravest can sleep in a frozen room, the temperature in which is lowered to -5 degrees. Its gym and a unique ice bar, where even the stand is made from a real block of ice. In a word, welcome to the ice age. 


And finally, the smallest, by number of rooms, private hotel Particulier Montmartre located in the old private palace. The hotel has only 5 suites, located on 3 floors, but each of the apartments is unique. 


You can choose a baroque room with a massive, fairy-tale mirror, a unique tapestry in Japanese style and refined silk, antique furniture. 


Or the apartments, executed in gently salad spring range with high windows, luxurious Venetian mirrors and a magnificent bathroom, something like a mini pool. 


In the basement is an elegant bar full of exotic vegetation, where in the intimate flickering of candles you can enjoy cocktails and food sitting under palm trees. 


An open terrace under a glass roof, marble tables and velvet armchairs, benches with soft cushions for relaxing in the garden - a place similar to paradise. Paris call girls, if you do not have enough company, because everything else in this hotel is abundant