Part of the world!

Restricting of the inner movement of individuals has extremely detrimental effect to the quality of the population. However, even the most developed nations no one is exempt from acting following cruel biological laws, so those nations where social mobility of the masses has been reduced over time have begun their journey to degeneration.

However, this is not about Europe, especially in its northern part, where at different times the newcomers have arrived from the north, from the south, from the east in general, when the French did not have luck to abandon the attempts to land on the chain eastern bear.

Such active movement of people who have actively enriched by new genes population of the local population, eventually formed in northern Europe a boiling pot of nations and nationalities, one of which boiling products become French - recognized by the beauty in this part of the world, to argue with that can only women from Eastern Europe, but it was too far away from the living center of European civilization.

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