Paris high class escort!

Ah, Paris with its elegant neighborhoods, chamber cafes and noisy squares, bohemian get-togethers, fountains and boats on the Seine. Parisians are proud of their capital, which spreads culture, like the light of a beacon, driving away the darkness.


But what if you do not have time to inspect the famous Eiffel Tower or the equally impressive Louvre. If instead of daytime walks in the Bois de Boulogne you are poisoned at a business meeting, and a brief visit to the capital does not allow you to visit either museums or fashion exhibitions.


Remain, only devoid of daily fuss, night and evening. And if you are at a loss, do not want to be bored alone, but do not know how to creatively spend time not engaged in business concerns, Paris escort service and a small guide to nightclubs and interesting cafes and restaurants of the capital will come to the rescue.


Choose, accompanying the most charming, in your opinion, a companion and do not be embarrassed, even if you do not speak French, each of our girls knows at least a couple of foreign languages, perfectly orientates in the labyrinths of the city and not only makes the company, but also acquaints with the places , about the existence of which you did not even suspect.


And for starters, why not skip a glass of excellent whiskey in, similar to an underground bar from times of the dry law, Moonshiner. Soft lighting, comfortable leather sofas, red brick walls, helpful waiters and 80 varieties of whiskey, including from Taiwan and the United States in combination with vintage cocktails and an elegant, slightly exotic setting.


If there is a desire to listen to live music or to dump the remnants of daytime stress on the dance floor - look in Le Queen. The nightclub knows how to withstand the daily changing fashion and has been in the Champs-Elysees for many years.


The queen has as many faces as there are mirror balls in the hall. On Mondays, she is happy with disco rhythms, on Tuesday - electronic rock, Thursday is dedicated to the best music of the 90s, and on the weekend extravagance and decadence are welcomed.


To argue in popularity with the queen, another musical monster, the Nouveau casino, can be used. The casino combines a concert hall where you can listen live to the performance of another supermodern celebrity, a night club, and a cafe-bar.


If the noise and music are not attractive, but you want a simple dialogue with a charming girl from Paris VIP escort, come to Au Pied de Cochon. The restaurant is famous not only for the rich history, the crown dish Pied grillé béarnaise, but also unlimited time for night entertainment.


The cream of the capital is therefore collected in it, that it never closes, and tired guests are always waiting for the guests, absolutely sober drivers ready to take you after a stormy night on your own car.


Call, the list of entertainment is not limited, you can always choose something original to taste.