Non-standard tour to the Louvre

Today it is difficult to imagine that in the era of Roman rule, modern Paris was a freakish, unattractive Celtic village, called Lutetia, which can be translated as a "puddle" or "swamp". Of course, evolution did not take place immediately, it lasts over a thousand years, but the fact remains.


Nowadays the capital of France is one of the largest cities in Europe, a recognized center of world culture, fashion industry, uniqueness of gastronomic traditions. Here, a lot of attractions are concentrated, attracting annually hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.


Among other things, modern Paris is a legendary romantic aura, extensive opportunities for organizing cultural recreation, the most beautiful girl guides from the agencies of Paris elite escorts, able to organize a tour of the individual program.


Louvre: the main legend of Paris


It is quite difficult to single out uniquely the most important and popular attraction of the City of Love. Depending on individual preferences, tourists call different places:


But, of course, one of the highest places in this kind of hit parade is rightfully occupied by the Louvre - one of the largest and most uniquely popular art museum in the world. Suffice it to say that about 10,000,000 people visit it every year.


The museum is located in an ancient royal palace, the construction of which began in the late 12th century. Amazing architecture is complemented by the grand scale of the structure and unique interior decoration. But the main thing that attracts millions of tourists to the Louvre from all over the world is, of course, the exposition itself, in which masterpieces of truly world-wide significance are presented.


An original tour of the Louvre


Of course, the museum has a wide variety of official excursion programs. But much more vivid impressions can be obtained from an individual program accompanied by a charming companion from an agency of the Paris escort service class, which will give the visit an extra charm and will pass along the optimal route!


The fact is that the main museum of the French capital is distinguished by a high degree of universality. For many centuries, kings and grandees have replenished the museum collection with works of various types and directions of arts. And since one visit is impossible to bypass the whole complex, the choice of the route becomes especially important.


A professionally trained guide who knows not only a few foreign languages, but also profound knowledge in the field of culturology and history. Among other things, the inspection of world masterpieces in the company of a dazzling beauty is much more pleasant from an aesthetic point of view!