The most prestigious areas of Paris


The capital of France itself has a reputation as one of the most prestigious cities. In any case, if we are talking about European cities. But Paris is heterogeneous - it can be diverse and unpredictable. Just as a diamond plays with its facets, so a city on the banks of the Seine can surprise, presenting itself in different guises.


Along with the legendary fashionable streets and neighborhoods, Paris can appear in a completely unsightly way. And yet, the capital of the Fifth Republic is famous for chic. Which urban neighborhoods of the city are considered the most prestigious?


                                                         Champs Elysees


There are few people in the whole world who would not have heard this geographical name. In fact, it is quite difficult to call this quarter “fields”. This is a very spacious neighborhood, accommodating not only the park. This is where most prestigious restaurants are concentrated.

It is here that one can meet world-famous personalities accompanied by girls from agencies of the category Paris escort service, who amaze the imagination with their unearthly beauty. It is here that most cultural sites and attractions are located, including the Arc de Triomphe.

However, there is a famous French famous singer Joe Dassin and the characteristic flaws. They consist mainly in remoteness from other symbols of the city:

The Louvre;

Notre Dame de Paris;

Grand Opera.

In addition, the quarter surrounding the Champs Elysees is quite characteristic of a very noisy nightlife.

                                                               16th district


Any person familiar with modern cinema, it is well known that Paris is divided into two dozen districts (discriminations). And if the 18th arrondissement was the decoration of a rather depressive, fantastic film of the same name, then the 16th district is the epitome of true Parisian chic. It is inhabited mainly by real bourgeois, but also meeting with beauties of the Paris girls escorts class is quite an ordinary phenomenon here.


                                                               Latin Quarter


Glorified in works of classical art, this small residential area has long been literally “covered with legends”. Although, if we ignore the romantic patina, this quarter is very heterogeneous. Next to the fashionable hotels you can easily find the shacks of the poor.

Of course, the legendary districts of Paris are not limited to these three quarters. Suffice it to mention, for example, the Marais, Saint-Germain, Place de la Bastille. Paris knows how to keep its secrets and carefully open each of them in portions.