Under sail of modernity!

Paris does not get tired of reading, admiring and promoting art in all its manifestations, from painting, fashion to music and architecture. The living embodiment of this passionate and mutual admiration can be considered Louis Vuitton Foundation building, lovingly called the temple of crystal. Under the shadow of the twelve glass sails, from a distance resembling a floating iceberg surrounded by greenery, is a mini-complex, home to museums of all kinds of modern art.

And if you are one of those people who prefer to keep up with the times, you should definitely visit this fabulous mini Paradise. For those who can not do without a personal guide or interpreter, lovely companion happy to provide support services as VIP escort Paris.


Floating under a transparent sail the temple is a unique combination of innovative technologies, unbridled imagination and creativity. A truly amazing journey awaits you. Moreover, several unique events are planned on the territory of the Fund for the may holidays.
Jazz lovers will enjoy the musical program "Piano Jazz Sessions", which will be attended by both world-class masters such as chick Corea and young, but won the respect of talents. The series consists of four concerts, offering the viewer to enjoy various variants of spontaneous jazz improvisations on the piano.


On may 4, the Foundation invites everyone to discover the universe of Kawaii, or to understand the true meaning of the word charming performed by representatives of various fields of art from Japan. The universe is represented by funny characters and bright, colorful compositions of the artist Takashi Murakami, who will be helped to maintain a positive mood of Japanese DJs and music band Kero Bonito.


A heartfelt journey also offers micro-visits to Kawaii, terraces, grottoes and galleries where you can make yourself Kawaii (lovely) life-affirming souvenir.

And in between, try the cocktails sparkling with all the colors of rainbow or enjoy a luxurious dinner with Japanese influence accompanied by Paris escort service.


The menu promises fish consomme with tofu, wakame and shrimps, pork tenderloin with miso and gariguette strawberries with verbena and ice cream for dessert.

Even if you are briefly in Paris Louis Vuitton Foundation is one of the best places where the mind and soul rest from the insane race of modern life.