The unique cuisine of Paris

Gastronomic delights, typical of French cuisine, are known all over the world. But it is in Paris that you can feel the unique combination of tastes, traditions and fantasy!


As in any other country that occupies a large enough area, the cuisine of the French provinces is quite different, if you follow from the north to the south, or from the east to the west. The southern part of the country is famous for its vineyards and an incredible variety of seafood.


The more industrial north of France introduced rational grain into national gastronomic traditions. Simple meals, made in a hurry, are often made from the set of products that are available at the moment.


All these contradictory tendencies and traditions were surprisingly concentrated in the capital, not competing, but complementing each other, having constituted a kind of "culinary symbiosis". That's why even in the most inconspicuous street bistro you can easily meet a world-class star accompanied by dazzling beauties of the class escort Paris, with pleasure absorbing local delicacies.


Main features of the Parisian cuisine

The most important feature of the Paris catering establishments is that their cuisine absorbed all the best of the numerous recipes collected from almost the whole world. This incredible variety has been influenced by a number of reasons:



That is why there is no reason to doubt that the cuisine of Paris is one of the most refined in the world. Whether it's a chic restaurant, where famous men are dined, accompanied by models of Paris girls escorts, or an ordinary street cafe. Moreover, it was in Paris that the very notion of "High cuisine" originated.


Of course, the geographic location played a significant role, because the capital of France is in the heart of Western Europe. But, nevertheless, the abilities, talents, charm and curiosity of the inhabitants of Paris made in the recognized reputation of the city, as the gastronomic capital of the world, the same role as the talents of the Milanese in the fashion industry.