Unforgettable walks through Montmartre

Paris can safely be called a world record holder for the number of attractions, truly legendary places, quarters and streets, which invariably beckon to tourists from virtually all over the world.

Having barely got here, the guest of the capital of France immediately immerses himself in a romantic atmosphere, gets the opportunity to personally join the world history, culture, high fashion and exquisite cuisine! One of these legendary places is considered to be Montmartre.

District History

The district, located in the north of the city, owes its name to the 130-meter hill of the same name, on which two churches were located in the era of the Ancient Roman Empire, one of which was dedicated to the god of war Mars. Numerous guidebooks and official guides explain exactly this and the origin of the name of the hill - "Marsov Hill".

However, there are other versions. For example, charming guides from Escort Paris - class agencies are happy to tell the story that the title is a somewhat distorted transcription of the phrase "Hill of the Martyr" by Mons Martyrium.

According to historical chronicles, this name was given to Montmartre after one of the first local preachers of the Christian religion, Dionysius of Paris, and two of his associates were executed in the Roman era.

In any case, both in the early and late Middle Ages, this hill, then still not officially part of Paris, was a place of pilgrimage for Christians.

Then, when in the XIX century gypsum was extracted here, enterprising citizens and foreigners began to actively inhabit the area. And at the turn of the century, the Montmartre district, which entered the city line, was already firmly considered one of the most bohemian - a haven of artists, musicians and poets.

Ways to visit the legendary quarter

There are several ways to visit Montmartre:

The advantages of the latter option are that seductive beauties will help to better know the legendary region, develop an individual visit plan and help to receive additional bright emotions and pleasant impressions of a romantic stay in the City of Love!