Hidden surprises

Being sweet is the privilege of childhood. However, which of us will give up the delicious pleasure called chocolate, especially if its producers are the famous confectioners of Paris. Today, we offer you a short guide to the best confectioneries of the capital. 


And that the trip was not boring, and you were accompanied by a charming companion, who helps to carry a lot of packages with chocolate delights, use the services of Paris escorts. To travel to the world of taste, a personal assistant will have to, as it is impossible, by the way, providing the services of a guide, interpreter and personal assistant.


Start your journey with a fragrant cup of coffee and chocolate bars or tender biscuits at the famous Jean-Paul Hévin shop. Since 1988, the original creations of the owner are in great demand. And branded almond biscuits, chocolate, cakes and other sweet treats are called real French luxury and "the ability to enjoy life." 


If you are looking for a sweet gift in luxury packaging, be sure to check out La Maison du Chocolat. Storefronts and store shelves are a sample of high art from chocolate. And besides, a bright assortment of sweets, the store can buy a full royal wardrobe made of chocolate, melting in the mouth of the Eiffel Tower, or a castle made of the highest quality cocoa. 


For those who like to experiment and are not averse to discovering new unusual flavor combinations, the ideal location will be the store Patrick Roger. Already the interior itself, executed with an abundance of strict black color, intricate figures of chrome and muted lighting indicates mystery and hidden surprises. 


The list of sweets laid out in the display case is not only bold in style but also a daring taste based on the best cocoa beans and plants. Believe me, you have never tried this. 


Well, lovers of classic pies and cakes will be interested in the original confectionery La Pâtisserie des rêves, where under the domed glass caps you can find a traditional pastel with cream, air cakes, Tatin pie, in general a long list of refined French pastries. 


And always accompanied by Paris elite escorts, visit the famous Pierre Hermé store, not only in the French capital, a place that fans consider a "sweet temple", and the world press calls the owner "The King of the Modern Test", "The Wizard of Tastes" and "The Emperor of the Kitchen." Candies, pies and even simple wafers here are different to taste from all that you have tried before. 


Pleasant discoveries!