Famous Parisian Cafes


When it comes to Paris, not only the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs Elysees and other world-famous sights of the French capital, but also the legendary Parisian cafes come to mind to almost anyone. To be in Paris and not to drink a cup of unmatched Espresso means not to know the city in all its beauty and versatility!


First of all, it is necessary to make a reservation that the concept of "cafe" itself is interpreted in Paris in a completely different way than in other countries. In contrast, for example, to Turkish eateries or Moscow coffee shops, not only people who decide to have a snack on the go or take a break over a cup of coffee visit the French capital.


A cafe in Paris is a whole cult. No wonder here you can easily meet not only ordinary citizens and numerous foreign tourists, but also quite elegant and respectable gentlemen, accompanied by elegant Paris VIP escort companions in dazzling “haute couture” dresses. There is not just a rest or chat. It literally absorbs the atmosphere of the Capital of Romance!


                                     List of the most famous cafes in Paris


The legendary atmosphere of Parisian street and closed cafes is glorified by many musical works and captured in the masterpieces of cinematographic art. Moreover, they are popular with representatives of the creative bohemia to this day. Here they are still inspired and create, as it was both 100 and 200 years ago

If you happen to be in Paris with your family, friends or alone, accompanied by a charming guide of the class Paris escort, you just need to visit one of the following places:

Café des Deux-Magots on Boulevard Saint-Germain, considered for centuries as a “literary mecca”;

Café de Flore, located very close, at the tables of which there were quite a few prominent people sitting;

Le Montana on Rue Saint-Benoit, where famous directors and actors are still gathering;

Le Rotonde on the Boulevard Monpamass (Montmartre), where Picasso, Modigliani and Lenin have been.


And this is just a short list of cafes, the total number of which in the city exceeds the number "500". And each of them has its own specifics, its own aura and unique atmosphere. Luxurious and modest, academic and noisy, expensive and democratic - every tourist will find a cafe in Paris to taste! Both gastronomic and artistic.