Exotic Paris

To visit Asia without leaving Paris - there is nothing easier, it is only worth visiting the restaurants of the capital, offering the cuisine of Vietnam, Korea, Japan or China. An exciting journey awaits you, as each of these places represents its own country in its own way, interpreting the traditions peculiar to its people to European culture. 

To enjoy a quick trip to Japan - Okuda look at one of the best Japanese restaurants in Paris where recreated with photographic accuracy the true essence of Japanese culture - finesse, dedication and courtesy. Benevolent mistresses in a kimono, elegantly opening sliding doors, low tables, combining flowers, plants, water and a refined menu. 

To visit the restaurant Mystery Cuisine, which spoils its guests with authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you will definitely need a VIP escort Paris, in the person of a charming companion. The corner of this distant country within the restaurant offers guests an intimate and mysterious atmosphere. 

Red curtains, dim lighting, soft, relaxing furniture, only 3 tables and brightly lit candles create a mysterious atmosphere of privacy. Magic completes excellent wine and food, which is served on decorative trays. Where like notes, there are small portions of a dozen dishes creating a single symphony of taste. 

Want to find out what color tastes are, go to Ze Kitchen Galerie, a restaurant that at the same time fosters a passion for Asia, and preserves the traditions of national French cuisine. This is a workshop - restaurant-gallery, where the combination of colors and shapes of modern paintings corresponds to a bold experimental menu, one of the best chefs in Paris. Located on the banks of the Seine, the culinary workshop invites you to try a new kitchen with the accompaniment of masterpieces of modern art. 

And for a snack will remain Buddha-Bar, a gourmet temple, under the auspices of the monumental Buddha. You should not come here alone, only with friends or accompanied by Paris luxury escort. The institution resembles footage from films about Asia, where for one visit you can experience a whole gamut of various pleasant emotions. 

Give yourself the gastronomic pleasure in the restaurant Pacific Rim, plunge into the exotic atmosphere of electronic music, or relax in the lounge bar, which serves the most incredible cocktails in Paris. It's not just cocktails, and a work of art, where over a glass barrel-shaped cane flutters Butterfly, and from the depths of a dense mixture of alcohol scarlet mist rises. 

Paris, like all of us, adores exotics