Versailles: music from stone!

A trip to Paris for any tourist will not be complete without a visit to the legendary palace and park ensemble in Versailles. The famous residence of the French kings literally bewitches with its grandeur, magnificence and beauty, is rightfully considered one of the main centers of world tourism.


Truly, the royal splendor of the palace complex and the surrounding architectural structure of the park ensemble attract millions of tourists from all over the world. It is especially pleasant to visit this place, accompanied by a charming companion from the Paris escorts class agency, which will take on the functions of a guide, guide, interpreter and just a sweet companion.


The magnificent history of the hunting lodge


Today Versailles is the immediate suburb of the capital of France and it is possible to reach it in a matter of minutes. But it was not always so. Once it was a relative wilderness reserved for the hunting grounds of the royal family. Yes, and the architectural ensemble was not particularly luxurious, representing a fairly modest hunting lodge.


The heyday of the Palace of Versailles is inextricably linked with the name of the famous King Louis XIV, for his passion for luxury, external beauty and habit of living in a large foot, which he received from his contemporaries the nickname "role-sun". He significantly expanded the architectural complex itself, turning the building into 24x6 meters in size grandiose castle in the style of classicism. In addition, due to the purchase of neighboring lands, Louis XIV, and later - and Louis XV broke the famous Versailles Park, which is today one of the largest in Europe.


Walks through Versailles


Today Versailles is a truly cult place for tourists, whatever their tastes and preferences. A wide variety of excursions are available here:



Another fascinating kind of program are individual walks and exclusive excursions in the company with the dazzling beauty of top-class escorts Paris, which not only tells interesting facts about the history of the palace, which saw so many of the most incredible events. She will also hold a guest in all the secret alleys and secluded corners of the man-made natural masterpiece that sprawls around the majestic architectural structure.