City resorts

Let Paris not be lucky with the sea, it compensates for the lack of luxurious palm trees, refreshing breezes and sea trips by unique SPA salons. Under the aegis of world famous brands, these islands of beauty, relaxation and well-being have long been transformed into real city resorts.


Like the elite accompaniment of Paris escorts, they promise moments of pure relaxation and VIP services to restore strength, energy and peace of mind. Each of them is part of the country that fell in love with Paris, cozily existing on the territory of the French capital. 


SPA salon L'Arbre à Sens, for example, represents India and glorifies the healing power of the tree. Under the watchful eye of the Buddha lounge offers a healing steam baths, Indian massage "Four hands" with essential oils and eastern cedar, as well as the secret art of the Maghreb relaxation. 


When you are interested in the address of the restaurant Dans le Noir, do not confuse it with the SPA salon of the same name, offering a unique relaxing massage in pitch darkness. The absence of light stimulates the sense of touch and tactile sensitivity, which makes this massage with the addition of vegetable aromas, a truly heavenly bliss causing a feeling of absolute well-being. 

The French would not be French if they did not offer a massage duo for a couple, chocolate massage, as well as oriental, Balinese and hot volcanic stones. SPA in black is not just a massage, but a real art of relaxation. 


Old cellars and catacombs hide not only the dark secrets, but also one of the best spa town of Spa Nuxe, where high ceilings stone grottoes are reflected in the clear clean pools, and were once the dusty basement converted into saunas, double cabins and the islands of sensual pleasure. 


Especially for the male audience salon offers personalized care, adapted to men's skin with wood extracts, Californian massage and Ayurveda, Shiatsu or soft touch of cashmere. 


Bored by the sea, Paris embodies the dream in Spa Villa Thalgo of the leader in the field of health procedures with the help of marine cosmetics. Paris call girls, because in such salons, as on the beach, it's good to go to a pleasant company. There is a special water training for the sculptural body, a sea steam bath, beach parties and a luxurious terrace for relaxation, accompanied by light snacks and fruit cocktails.