Curious facts about Paris

The capital of France is literally entangled in a dense tangle of mysterious traditions, historical legends and various myths. Any tourist arriving in Paris, first of all, expects to immerse himself in the atmosphere of romance, taste delicious dishes of local cuisine, meet impeccable gentlemen accompanied by luxurious beauties of the Paris escort ladies category, and if you are lucky - to make a world famous celebrity.
However, the real impressions of visiting the City of Love can sometimes differ dramatically from the established stereotypes and those standards that are described in almost all the guides and guides.
Features of the mentality of Parisians
A lot of anecdotes have been written about the density of the Parisian building. Capital residents themselves are often forced to live in completely tiny apartments, compared to which the notorious Russian "Khrushchev" may seem like real mansions.
Despite the romantic reputation, it is easy to run into rudeness or even outright rudeness in relation to visitors. And they come not only from immigrants and emigrants, but also from ethnic Frenchmen. Most often this is especially evident when trying to talk with a Parisian in English.
Contrary to firmly established opinion, not all Parisians look elegant and impeccable. Yes, and the famous berets and scarves are not found here as often as it is customary to think about.
Yes, of course, in the center of the city, luxurious restaurants, at secular events, here and  there are noble men in expensive suits and dazzling beauties of the category Paris call girls, dressed in luxurious evening dresses. But a man in a simple T-shirt and long-worn jeans meets on the streets of Paris no less often.
  Features of the city itself
And, nevertheless, Paris is a fairy tale, a legend, a dream! Even those minor troubles, which, incidentally, are characteristic of any large city, wherever it is located, can not cloud the impressions of the visit to the Capital of Romantics, Love and Food!