Breathtaking view

When the spring heat replaces the summer heat, and Parisians prefer to spend most of their time on the street, in the capital, like mushrooms, beautifully designed open air spaces arise.


This is the place where you can not only have a snack or a cup of unsurpassed Parisian coffee, but also listen to music, relax in breaks between excursions, or make an appointment with a beautiful lady from Paris escort.


Most of them are open to the general public, but there are also those that require pre-booking, or direct residence in hotels whose terraces cause increased curiosity. An example is the THE MOLITOR SWIMMING POOL terrace on the roof of a wonderful hotel MOLITOR.


The hotel does not have a beach or river, but there is an original outdoor art-deco pool open until September. In addition to the breathtaking view, this is a place for stylish cocktails, barbecue, a wonderful holiday to the accompaniment of light electronic music.


If you do not live in the hotel Royal Monceau, unfortunately, you will not be able to see and enjoy the afternoon rest in the famous "Belvedere Hanging Garden" hanging garden of the hotel and in the midst of a floral mosaic try some of the best cocktails in Paris.


However, nothing prevents to book elite apartments in the hotel, which is famous for its amazing cuisine Nobu Matsuhisa, impressive private collection of works of art and a luxurious spa with the largest pool and fitness complex among hotels in Paris.


A medieval atmosphere, a refuge of tranquility behind the walls of the ancient castle construction, offers a small open cafe in the inner courtyard of the COFNACQ-JAY museum.


Surrounded by the stones of a bygone era and the abundance of greenery, vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine reigns here, a simple pleasure that is the highlight of visiting a place where unique artifacts from the 18th century are collected.


For those who prefer solitude, when the appetizing notes of famous French dishes are harmoniously intertwined in the surrounding landscape, it will be interesting to discover a new place for LA 8 IÉNA in the courtyard of the Shangri-La palace, where fans of high vegetarian cuisine are invited.


And finish, an eventful day together with a lovely companion Paris escort girls is on the terrace of L'Instant. Where comfortably sitting in the designer chairs, with a glass of pink wine or champagne it is convenient to enjoy the softly descending evening twilight, the restless Sena and the famous Eiffel Tower towering over the city.