Little Secrets of Paris

Have you ever wondered how much more interesting the journey can be, and what is the trip there, a simple walk, if there is a person next to you who shares your interests. And if the role of a close companion is a beautiful young woman from elite girls escort, the most ordinary tour turns into an incredible adventure.

And to make this adventure ideal and not to push through to the object of interest through the crowd of tourists, we recommend the well-known far not all, but very interesting places to relax in Paris.


Private underground cinema


Cafe "Germaine" with its sensual and chic design created by the Indian artist Mahdavi hides in his underground apartment a small secret - a private cinema.

The intimate and comfortable atmosphere of a small space is designed for 24 people and is called German Paradisio. Here you can not only watch your favorite movies even in 3D format, but also reserve seats for a private party.


Bosque de Vincennes Forest Park


You do not have the mood to watch a movie - go to the park. Formerly as a place of exclusive rest for the royal family, the forest park includes a castle, a theater, a hippodrome, a fort, a recently renovated zoo and even a Buddhist temple. And if you want romance - take a boat for hire to walk with a lovely companion on the lake.


Didier Ludot vintage boutique


Lost in the streets, not far from the Louvre, the vintage boutique offers truly original products, the most famous couturier. This is not a cheap sale, you can buy a refined outfit, designed in the eighties for royalty or fashionable in the sixties accessory.

So if you want to buy an unusual and very valuable gift, be sure to go to the boutique, all products sold here, store the history of fashion and design.


Oily sauce from the restaurant Le Relais de l'Entrecôte


No matter how interesting the walk, it's time to rest and have a bite. For this, we suggest visiting one of the most famous restaurants of Le Relais de l'Entrecôte, in order not only to dine, but also to try to discover another secret of the Parisian cuisine.

The fact is that for many years now, as an invaluable treasure, the restaurant keeps the secret of the butter sauce for fillet with rice. And even if you, like many predecessors find out the name of the ingredients will not work - enjoy the melting meat in the mouth to the accompaniment of soft rice and aromatic sauce.

This is not all the secret places of the capital. Paris call girls, if you want to know more, and also find an individual guide, a wonderful companion and just a charming companion for individual excursions.