Wonderful suburbs of Paris

The capital of France is glorified in literary and artistic works. Paris is considered to be the world's wealth and heritage of world culture. But what is interesting is that the French capital is famous not only for its famous sights, known to everyone, but also for the surrounding neighborhoods. These include, in particular, the area of ​​Saint-Denis.

Once upon a time, the marshland in the north of Lusitania was homely and even unpleasant terrain. Today, Saint-Denis is some kind of “mecca” for visiting royals, lucky gentlemen, accompanied by dazzling beauties of the category Luxury GFE escort Paris, and simple tourists. Saint-Denis is obliged to several circumstances at once to these metamorphoses:

    • construction of a modern football stadium;

    • laying of the metro line;

    • development of transport, social and public infrastructure.

At the same time, the region is famous for its ecology, which by the standards of Central Europe is valuable in itself and is quite rare.

In the north of the capital of France, favorable conditions for business have been created. It is not without reason that about 20% of foreign companies are concentrated here. French tolerance is well known throughout the world. But it is in Saint-Denis that the conditions are most favorable. Moreover, here we are happy to receive workers from all over the world.

Especially because very rich clients come here. It is not unusual to encounter on the streets of Medieval times stars, powerful businessmen in the company of gorgeous girls from agencies of the class Paris top models escort, recognized actors or other world celebrities.

It is quite possible that admirers of historical sights, connoisseurs of culture and artistic values ​​of the northern suburbs of Paris will not become a point of absolute attraction. But, in return, Saint-Denis offers completely different conditions:

    • environmental friendliness;

    • transport accessibility to the capital;

    • comfortable living conditions.

This place has one more plus. The fact is that, in contrast to the south, where sometimes in the summer simply sweltering heat reigns, here the Central European climate will prevail. This means minimum precipitation, maximum sunny days and comfortable temperature conditions. No wonder it is believed that the air temperature is below +5 degrees - the onset of this winter.