Where to stay in Paris

Given the fact that Paris is considered to be the tourist mecca not only of Europe, but of the whole world, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the capital of France does not have the slightest shortage of places where a tourist can comfortably accommodate during his stay. But it must be borne in mind that the cost and comfort of living depends largely on both the location and the type of object of the hotel complex.

Placement method

With a certain degree of conditionality, all the objects of the Paris tourist infrastructure can be divided into 4 large groups:

    • hotels of various levels;

    • mini-hotels and pensions;

    • hostels;

    • apartments and apartments of the private sector.

If you do not take luxury hotels, castles and palaces, most of the hotels in Paris are distinguished by quite modest dimensions of not only rooms, but also halls, corridors, and other common areas. Even in a 5-star hotel, where you can easily meet celebrities, successful businessmen, accompanied by beauties of the Paris escort girls class and where the room rate can be 500 euros per day or more, its area can be surprisingly small. It\'s all about the astronomical value of the Paris real estate.

On the other hand, even modest hotels with 2 or 3 stars, the cost of which can be from 50 euros, are distinguished by impeccable cleanliness and high level of service. In most cases, accommodation includes breakfast. But the format of \"all inclusive\" in Paris is almost never found. 4-star hotels can additionally offer a pool, room service and other services. But the cost of such rooms is on average € 200.

Resorts look even more modest in size, but in return provide almost home comfort and the absence of too many guests (read - neighbors). With a sufficiently high level of comfort, they offer quite affordable prices.

Hostels - the perfect choice for budget tourism. True, it will be necessary to come to terms with the fact that for 20 euros a day, you will have to share a room with several neighbors and fulfill rather tough conditions, which can be very diverse.

Place of residence

In addition to the class of the institution, the cost of living essentially depends on the location of the object. Of course, the most expensive apartments are located in the very center - 1, 4 and 7 districts of Paris. Here are all the most famous sights, here literally dazzles in the eyes of luxury limousines, impeccable costumes, chic dresses of enchantresses of the Paris luxury escorts category, glitter boutiques. Prices in 2, 3, 5 and 6 districts are slightly lower, but still noticeably “bite”.

Far better solution is living in 15 and 16 districts. The prices for rooms here are noticeably lower than in the center, which can be reached in just 15-20 minutes.