Visit to the Opera de Paris

This is not the place to come in faded jeans and a washed-up sweater. Even local young nihilists, protesting against everything in the world, do not allow themselves to violate a certain dress code. This is a bohemian place, the holy of holies of European and world art. This is Le Grand Opera! Here reigns albeit somewhat old-fashioned, but very stiff and even glamorous atmosphere.

However, on this legendary stage, world premieres of contemporary art are played out. And not just classical productions. But it is here that respectable men shine with their impeccable costumes, their charming ladies and radiant girls of the category Elite social escort Paris, who sometimes return dazzling reflections in response to spotlights aimed at them!

You can absolutely not understand the operatic repertoire, not appreciate the classical or modern ballet and absolutely not understand the directions or styles of artistic trends. But just visiting this truly incredible building, left to us as a legacy (read - for edification) by our ancestors - isn’t this really admirable?

What is there to say - the Great French Theater Gran (e) Opera today is a grand conglomerate in which completely different directions are concentrated, sometimes ahead of their time. It is there that the famous interiors, known to the whole world, are located:

    • the legendary front staircase, which welcomed the most famous guests right in the lobby;

    • absolutely incredible museum of bibliographic publications, which holds thousands of unique books, paintings and drawings of famous authors;

    • a unique foyer, where monarchs, billionaires, Arab sheikhs, and beauties of the VIP French escort Paris category, and especially ordinary tourists, enter the lacquered parquet of the 18th century with a feeling of incredible awe.

They still do not know what lies ahead. The main mystery of Opera Granier is not even in the magnificence of the interiors, not in the luxury of the public and not in the mysterious glow of lamps. Yes, of course, the most fashionable and respectable audience comes here. Yes, this is one of the most glamorous places in the French capital. And this by itself means that they are waiting for a real performance, an unforgettable performance, no matter how jaded and sophisticated the viewer would be!

Surprisingly, after the end of the artistic action, the audience leaves, as it seems to them, through a completely different exit. This feeling is one of the unsurpassed magical properties of the famous Paris Grand OperA!