Unearthly beauty


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A walk through interesting locations, a striking acquaintance with exciting stories about the unique corners of this city, an excellent overview of everything from the observation platforms is a short list of how you can pass your leisure. This is a place where there is always a choice of what to do and where to go. Night life is also full of amazing moments. Famous DJs usually include popular sets in clubs, champagne flows in the bar, and the geography of the world population can be explored on the dance floor. However, most of those who come beckon themselves with uncharted strength unique sights of their kind.

Many of the tourists here consider it their duty to appreciate all the delights of French cuisine. You can visit both unremarkable establishments (bistros) and famous restaurants with a big name. In some you will indulge yourself with aromatic coffee and crunchy only baked croissants with a crust. In others, choose the most exquisite dishes. For example, the legendary frog legs, ratatouille, juicy steak and more. And of course, you can’t do without a glass of sparkling wine.

For more variety, check out Red Light Street. You will be welcomed by a great many cabarets. The most popular of these is the Moulin Rouge. His big name rattles the whole world and is known to everyone by itself. The original cancan can only be enjoyed here. The dancers' business card is dazzling stage costumes that will amaze your imagination.

And to hide from the noise and annoying fuss, you can take a fascinating boat trip. Go in a group or arrange a personal cruise for only two - decide for yourself. An interesting journey through the Canal Saint-Martin will bring a lot of positive emotions and add romance to your pastime.

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