The most romantic places in Paris

Paris is considered to be the world\'s most romantic city in the world for a reason. That openwork and mysterious fleur in which streets, squares and boulevards of the capital of France are immersed, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

It should be noted that the city authorities themselves, like ordinary Parisians, strongly support this image that has developed over the centuries. In Paris, there are a huge number of places surrounded by romantic legends, exciting riddles and shocking revelations.

                                           The quivering heart of Paris

Of course, the most romantic places in Paris are concentrated in the city center. They are usually included in the standard set of visits to any excursion program:

    • Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower;

    • Notre Dame Cathedral;

    • Montmartre with its many secrets.

These places, along with the Louvre, prefer to visit celebrities, royal personages, filmmakers, accompanied by charming wives or dazzling beauties of the category luxury escorts Paris, Arab sheikhs and other successful, wealthy and carefree people.

                           Genuine romance of the cherished corners

But there are no less romantic places in the French capital. Let them not look so bright, even if they are out of the way, hiding from prying eyes. But the unique atmosphere of the City of Love, they allow no less than the untwisted in terms of tourist facilities.

To feel the real romance of Paris without excessive pomp, a sense of deliberate pathos, an abundance of paparazzi, hunting for stars and their companions elite girls escorts, will allow visiting the following secluded corners:

    • walks along the Seine Embankment, which has a magical aura, especially in summer and early autumn;

    • a meeting of a picturesque sunset in the Park du Ver Ver Galant, stretching to the west of the Cité island;

    • the legendary Swan Island, located, by the way, not far from the immortal iron creation of engineer Eifel.

However, his guest, regardless of the season and weather, can feel the true romance of Paris simply by breathing in the air of this amazing city.