The most jewelry square in Paris

Paris is rightfully considered not only the City of Love and one of the world capitals of haute couture and gastronomy of great delights, but also a city that offers its guests the widest variety of jewelry of impeccable quality. In terms of the number of jewelry stores and boutiques, no other city in the world can compare with the capital of France.

But there is also a point in Paris where the concentration of these luxury shops exceeds every conceivable limit. We are, of course, talking about the famous Vandome square, which can be safely called the most "jewelry" place in the world. It is here that the rich come from all over the world, royalty, celebrities of cinema, sports and show business, bankers and successful businessmen, accompanied by dazzling beauties of the top-models escort Paris class, just wealthy tourists.

It is on the Place Vendôme that jewelry brand stores of the most prestigious brands and ambitious startups are located. Parisians and guests of the city are offered a unique opportunity to purchase exclusive jewelry of impeccable quality.

It is enough to list just a few world-famous brands of the jewelry industry that have placed their branded outlets on the Paris Vendome:

• Cartier with its signature collection of exclusive first-class watches made of precious metals with the addition of natural stones;

• Van Cleef & Arpel, famous for the impeccable elegance of its products and the courage to introduce new forms, design solutions and manufacturing technologies;

• Dior, which in 1999 launched its own line of jewelery that is both luxurious, elegant and deliberately simple;

• Bvlgari, which has been the undisputed leader of the Italian jewelry industry for almost 150 years;

• Louis Vuitton, which launched its jewelry line relatively recently, but has already managed to enter a kind of elite club in this sphere of the world market.

And this is just a small fraction of those famous jewelry brands that have their own outlets on the Place Vendome. Is it any wonder that there is such a high concentration of not only expensive shops, but also a luxurious audience. Arab sheikhs, representatives of the ruling royal dynasties and the governments of various countries of the world love to come here. Here you can meet famous figures of cinema, show business, sports, bohemian circles. Successful businessmen accompanied by radiant beauties of the Paris escort girls class, respectable married couples, wealthy tourists from all over the world do not deprive this place of their attention.

However, how could it be otherwise if Napoleon Bonaparte himself had a hand in the construction of the square? He, as you know, highly appreciated luxury and chic. As, by the way, and girls from the escort, a large selection of which at quite fair prices is presented in the catalog of our agency, posted on the site!