The most famous boulevards of Paris

The capital of France is deservedly bears many world titles. It is not without reason that Paris is called the center of world fashion, and the concentration of the perfume industry, and the purpose of the pilgrimage for shopping lovers - a kind of Mecca of insane shoppers.

But there is in this ancient city some kind of incredible atmosphere, which it gained in more than a thousand years. In some incredible way she hovers in the air, gently falling on the shoulders of any tourist who visited Paris.

Just ask anyone who has ever visited the capital of the Fifth Republic to hear rave reviews. Moreover, these reviews will deal with completely different aspects:

    • charismatic noble and well-groomed men;

    • phenomenally divine girls from agencies of the class Luxury Paris escorts;

    • famous stars of cinema, politics, show business.

And after all, what is interesting: in contrast to New York, Tokyo, Moscow or Beijing, people in Paris are in no hurry so much. Yes, of course, the capital of the Fifth Republic is a very large city. But this conglomerate has its own atmosphere. And it is, of course, in the legendary capital boulevards.

Books have been written about boulevards of Paris, poems have been composed, songs have been sung. It is here that the charming beauties of the Models young Paris escorts category, with their gentle voice and eyes, will tell about the difficult story that this city has experienced. And, of course, the guest will be guided along the most famous metropolitan boulevards:

    • a landmark place called Madeleine;

    • the famous Boulevard des Capucines, immortalized even in Russian cinema;

    • unique Montmartre;

    • colorful Saint-Denis;

    • area called Italian.

Of course, the boulevards of the French capital are by no means limited to the five designated objects. You can recall, for example, St. Martin, Bon-Nouvel, Poisson. And this list will be completely incomplete.

But what is interesting: even a completely small, unimportant boulevard, located somewhere on the outskirts, or even beyond the city limits, has its own history, a beautiful legend and even a romantic tale about passion and love, about life and death, about music and war. Otherwise it was not a Parisian boulevard.

The incredible coincidence of music and wind, history and tragedy, joy and funk, harmonica and chanson - this is what famous, unique and unique boulevards of Paris are. And people from all over the world come here to touch the legend at least with one small eye.