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France is not only attractions with a rich history, it is also a huge number of other entertainments. For example, amazingly beautiful landscapes, majestic and unique Alps and numerous beach resorts. All this attracts travelers no less.

There are many trekking routes and cycling trails in the country. This will add a touch of excitement to the trip and bring its own variety. For those who like not to sit still, we suggest diving in the open spaces of the Cote d'Azur.

You can pop into some cozy restaurant and arrange a holiday for yourself. Savor local delicacies with a glass of delicious wine and live French music. All this breathes romance. And the beauty sitting opposite will tempt you. Time will fly by!

If you still want to spend your time in style, then you are in the right place. The choice of where to go at night depends only on you. But first on the list is the Moulin Rouge Cabaret, located in the capital. This is a popular show with a unique and inimitable show.

Visit Provence without fail. It is known not only for eminent stores with various kinds of perfumes and a special architectural style, but also for lavender fields. Oh, how fascinating are these picturesque landscapes, dazzling with bright colors and pleasing to the eye.

You probably know firsthand that the food in France is excellent. For example, cheese platter; onion soup (it is made from sweet varieties of white onions, a couple of heads of garlic and low-fat meat broth); ratatouille (this is a vegetable mix); flavored coffee; beef burgundy; frog legs (a local delicacy and curiosity for visitors) oysters; cock in wine; consommé and other delicacies. Refined and refined! There is no other word for it. Escort Paris is for the elite.