The business pulse of Paris beat

Almost in every major capital of the world there is a so-called business quarter, in which most of the office complexes, skyscrapers, financial and credit institutions and representative offices of various organizations are concentrated. Often in these areas, along with a variety of business buildings, there are high-class hotels, fabulous restaurants and numerous entertainment facilities. In this regard, Paris, as usual, differs from most major cities in the world.

So often called the business district of La Defense, located in the near suburbs of the French capital in the department of O-de-Seine just west of the XVI territorial district. Here is the overwhelming majority of Parisian high-rises, expensive cars are driving around the streets of a relatively small block, white-collar workers are busy in a hurry.

And in the evening, in the local restaurants, successful businessmen, accompanied by dazzling beauties from the agencies of the High-class Paris escort category, fine looking gentlemen in impeccable costumes and world celebrities shine in luxury.

Appearance history

The emergence of a separate business district on the outskirts of Paris was inevitable for a number of reasons:

    • jealous attitude of the authorities and residents to the historical architectural appearance of the city;

    • overcrowding in the capital of France, a huge number of tourists, incredible traffic jams in the narrow streets;

    • the incredibly high cost of real estate, both residential and commercial.

In this regard, in the middle of the last century, the city authorities decided to build a modern business district, taken outside the city limits. There were no restrictions on the height of buildings erected, their architectural appearance and purpose.

La Defense today

In a short time, La Défense turned into one of the largest business agglomerations in Europe. Today it has over 3.5 million square meters of office space alone.

Of course, all the glitz and luxury of Paris are concentrated in the city center, where not only ordinary tourists, but also royals especially respectable gentlemen in the company of radiant beauties of the VIP busty escort Paris class, sports stars, show business and other celebritys. But the La Defense quarter in this regard boasts a high level of prestige and respectability.

Moreover, the plans for the development of the neighborhood for the coming years imply the further development of not only the business infrastructure, but also the creation of an atmosphere of maximum comfort for wealthy people.