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Loire Valley - a world famous landmark of France, listed by UNESCO. Every year, many tourists come to the castles of the Loire, Amboise, Villandry with its magnificent gardens, Chambord with its huge hunting grounds.

The Touraine region is rich in various exquisite and light fruity whites, reds, pinks and sparkling wines of France.

There are many wineries in the Loire Valley, traditionally these are small family farms, where they organize an individual reception for tourists for wine tasting, you are always welcome.

Interesting wine cellars are no less popular - where wine is stored and matures. The most famous of them are the caves of Montmusso. They arose over the years as a result of the extraction of tuff for the construction of castles in the Loire Valley and resemble caves 15 km long on three floors. Open year-round.

The caves have a constant temperature of about 12 ° C, which contributes to the ideal production of wine in accordance with traditional recipes. This business is inherited, and was founded back in 1886.

If you find yourself in medieval Orleans, visit Orleans Cathedral and the old university, rent a car and drive along the Atlantic Ocean. I recommend stopping by Chateau de Chenonseau with a beautiful garden, an old farm and an elegant restaurant where you can enjoy a pleasant and invigorating local white wine.

Or dine at La Roche Le Roy Restaurant, located in a cozy house on the shores of an artificial lake and enjoy traditional French cuisine. Finally, visit Saumur and dine at Le Menestrels with the famous pink Anjou wine. Well, at the very end - Rochefort and Domaine des Baumard winery, they have been making wine since 1634.

Private wineries and farms will welcome guests. For a long time you will remember unforgettable impressions in the company of the seductive girl from Paris escort girls.