Suburb of Paris

Outskirts and backwaters - this is how the Parisians treated the Saint-Denis district. And metropolitan residents do not know that in the outskirts of Lusitania (as the Romans called Paris at that time) a Catholic abbey was already built at that time.

Everything changed dramatically in 1988, when the decisive matches of the World Cup took place in this suburb of Paris. It was then that not only curious tourists from all continents began to appear not far from the French capital. And the Parisians themselves remembered, suddenly, about their “suburb”.

And so, smiling stars from the covers of glossy magazines, world celebrities, successful businessmen accompanied by elegant beauties of the Luxury GFE escorts Paris category, from whom the admiring eyes of men do not descend, have come to frequent. What attracts the current audience here?

France, like any other European kingdom, was not without extremes concerning political, territorial and religious issues. They were usually resolved in one of the following ways:

    • city seizure and looting;

    • burning on a fire especially dissatisfied;

    • conversion of “infidels” into their own faith.

In this regard, any guide in the Paris luxury escorts category will tell you how, in the distant past, it was dark days in Abbot Saint-Denis. But today there is an atmosphere of complacency and love. It is not for nothing that the Parisians themselves have been asking for the first year to recognize this section of the capital territory.

A standard tour of Paris usually does not include a visit to the area. But there are crypts of 30 French kings! It is quite clear that the Republic does not particularly honor the crowned persons, but still this is the history of France.

Those visitors who are not very fond of standard tours of the City of Love, could be recommended those same suburbs of Paris. They are not mentioned in the decorated advertising booklets, and the managers of travel agencies do not offer them. It is quite clear that there are so-called “postcard” types:

    • The Eiffel Tower;

    • Champs Elysees;

    • Notre Damme;

    • Louvre.

And other legendary dominants. But, as the Parisians themselves say, you need to drive off only 50 kilometers from the noisy and bustling capital in order to experience the true spirit of the real France. And Saint-Denis is still an example of this spiritual mentality. No wonder, as the residents themselves say, over the “Parc des Princes” the souls of the emperors soared ...