Shopping in Paris

Everyone knows that Paris is one of the recognized capitals of world fashion. Millions of people come to this city to update their wardrobe in full accordance with the latest trends. And this concerns not only very rich people, but also tourists with a fairly limited budget. What are the main features and subtleties of shopping in Paris, to which places should be given priority attention?

Fashionable shopping

Of course, the most fashionable district of the capital of France is the First District, which the Parisians simply call the Louvre. This is where the most expensive hotels and luxury boutiques are located. From rich audiences, Arab sheikhs, world celebrities and respectable gentlemen, accompanied by seductive beauties of the class, Paris escort ladies can charge in their eyes.

 All the shops and boutiques of the most famous couturiers and fashion houses are located on the streets of the First District. Needless to say, the prices here sometimes even reach astronomical values.

The most famous locations for expensive shopping in Paris are considered to be the following places:

    • Champs Elysees;

    • Rivoli streets; and Saint Honoré;

    • Gallery La Fayette.

However, you can buy expensive clothes of the latest collections in the center of Paris at every step.

                                                                               Budget shopping

But not only millionaires can afford to afford to update their wardrobe on the banks of the Seine. In Paris, there are many points for quite an inexpensive shopping tour. True, for this, as they say, places need to know.

One of the places for democratic shopping is the Forum de Al shopping center, located near the metro station Chatelet-Les Halles. Here you will not meet princes, film actors and beauties of the Paris escort category in dazzling evening dresses. In return, the tourist gets the opportunity to purchase fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories for the price of 10 euros.

Another place that attracts budget travelers is the Les 4 Temps complex, which is considered the largest shopping center in Europe. It is located in the business district of the French capital La Defense. In fact, it is a huge fair under the roof. Here you can at reasonable prices dress yourself and your whole family from head to toe.

Of course, the above listing of places for shopping in Paris is not limited. One thing is clear: it is not for nothing that the capital of France bears the title of the fashionable capital. And it is here that almost anyone can afford it!