Royal rest

If there is a hotel in Paris that can offer its guests truly royal luxury, then this is certainly the legendary hotel complex Hôtel de Crillon! In addition to the fact that the hotel itself is located in a building that has belonged to Louis XV himself for more than 300 years, a truly royal welcome awaits guests here!

One of the oldest hotels in Paris, located on Place de la Concorde, near the Champs Elysees, turned into an elite hotel at the beginning of the 20th century and has since gone through a fairly large number of renovations, redevelopments and technological innovations.

Nevertheless, this particular hotel is, perhaps, the most popular among the most respectable, wealthy and wealthy public visiting the capital of France. Here, half a year before visiting Paris, they strive to book rooms of the "cream" of the world elite of various categories:

• reigning persons and members of royal families who value luxury and refined chic;

• famous people of art, cinema, sports, show business, other recognizable personalities;

• respectable men in expensive suits, accompanied by unique beauties of the Paris elite escorts class, sparkling not only with a dazzling smile, but also with mind-blowing outfits;

• wealthy tourists from all over the world who can afford the most luxurious vacation.

In addition, the Hôtel de Crillon hotel complex enjoys an elite status not only because of the high prices, but also for some other quite obvious reasons.

The amazing design of the facades of the hotel complex makes an indelible impression, evoking allusions with the residences of the French kings. But the visitor gets even greater impressions once inside this hotel. Luxury, chic and graceful beauty greets the guest in the hotel lobby. And each of the individually decorated rooms evokes truly incredible emotions! In addition, the hotel staff values ​​their royal reputation very much.

The level of service is especially good at the Hôtel de Crillon. Incredibly spacious rooms with panoramic views, fully equipped with the most modern appliances and newfangled technologies, a helpful staff.

Absolutely perfect comfort will be an excellent addition to a truly royal ambiance of interior interiors. What can we say about the cuisine of the two signature cuisine restaurants offering guests the most incredible French and Mediterranean gourmet dishes.

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