Prestigious auction house in France

For a long time, Paris has been tacitly competing with London in almost all areas. This also applies to such a specific area as the auction business. Everyone knows the names of English-origin auction houses Sothebe`s and Christies.

But the purely Parisian luxury auction site Drout, which is truly French chic, is no less famous. The lots displayed here are of no less value, and the public is notable for its special grace and refinement.

In contrast to the prudent English auction, the French auction house simply shines with elegant men's suits in the latest fashion and dazzling smiles of unearthly beauties of the category Paris luxury escorts model in incredible evening dresses. By the way, often purchased here - in one of the world's fashion capitals!

It all started quite ordinary. In the middle of the XIX century several rooms of the old Parisian hotel Pinon de Quincy were converted into auction halls. For the whole world the name of the auction company "Drouot" thundered in 1852, when it was here that the sale of property of the king of France Louis-Philippe took place. Since then, the fame of the most fashionable and respectable auction house in France has been permanently attached to the Drout brand.

During its existence, it has been marked by a multitude of actions of truly universal significance:

    • sensational sale of genuine letters and autographs of Christopher Columbus;

    • trades in a collection of lawyer Andre Levelya, which includes over 50 canvases by such artists as Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, Van Gogh, each of which today costs several million dollars;

    • regular sales of French expressionist creations.

Not without reason, realizing the intense competition, the same Sothebe`s and Christies, as soon as the state monopoly on the auction trade was abolished in France (2000), immediately moved their trading platforms from Monaco to Paris.

Despite increased competition, the Drout auction house in Paris is still one of the most luxurious and prestigious establishments of its kind. Today it occupies 16 rooms on three floors of the hotel renamed in his honor. It is not necessary to take part in the auction. Very many visitors come here to show themselves and to see others.

According to unofficial estimates, this particular auction is considered the most luxurious and fashionable from the point of view of the public visiting it. The concentration of respectable men, women, beauties of the category Paris VIP escorts, stars of show business, cinema and sports per square meter is simply off scale.

At the same time there is something to see. After all, Drout is omnivorous - there are daily trading not only in works of art, but also in real estate, antiques, and other values. Moreover, here you can bring some of your own thing - professional appraisers work for respectable visitors in the hotel lobby.