Paris romance

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  You yourself can organize your leisure. It can be varied. But we advise you to definitely see the sights, it's worth it. And the girl without any problems will become a personal guide and will plunge you into the atmosphere of the city even more. Believe me, our nymphs are educated and know a lot.

Of course, visit the following locations: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur Basilica, Champs Elysees, Versailles Palace, Montmartre, Cite Island, Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Georges Pompidou Center, Opera Garnier, Conciergerie. Cabaret Moulin Rouge and more. In general, do not adhere to any strict list and do what your heart desires.

The latter is for true women lovers. The most famous cabaret worthy of admiration. Previously, the glory of a vicious institution, namely a brothel, was behind him. But after respected aristocrats and other nobles became his guests, it slowly turned into a fashionable place where incendiary music and dances tantalizing the imagination play. So the show itself will not leave anyone indifferent. It's worth it!

Visit personalized restaurants and try all sorts of goodies. Be sure to order a glass of sparkling wine to defuse the atmosphere. French cuisine is something special. Any foodie will confirm this. Everything is always fresh. And although the ingredients are simple at first glance, the dishes from them are unimaginable.

We recommend the following: onion soup; snails (they are served in shell); cheese plate; croissants flavored coffee; tartar steak (thinly sliced ​​beef that was previously pickled. Plus a special sauce); oysters and stuff. The portions are large, so be mentally prepared for this. Although, despite this, many take the supplement. Because you’ll lick your fingers. Indescribably delicious.

Top-models escort Paris you will remember forever. And most likely, you want to repeat it. Why not. If you liked everything and have a mutual desire. So see you soon.