Paris promenade


Any person who has visited Paris, even if passing through, knows what the word “promenade” means. For an ordinary Parisian, this term is a completely ordinary walk around a house or a quarter. And for those who sought to the capital of France from different parts of the world, the mere word “promenade” evokes incredibly romantic associations.

After all, the very sound of this unique word paints a beautiful living picture in which the gallant gentlemen, accompanied by the unearthly beauty of girls of the Paris girls escorts class, leisurely stroll through the famous curved streets.

Was there a promenade in Paris?

In general, in itself, the word "promenade" has a certain historical touch. Nobles with swords on their side, young ladies in corset dresses, gallant manners. In fact, everything was completely different. The realities of the then Paris did not incline young men and women to romantic walks. At least for the following reasons:

    • broken pavement streets, not all of which could even boast of cobblestones;

    • animal waste products scattered here and there (horses, donkeys, mules, and so on);

    • an incredible smell in the center of Paris, due to the lack of sewage and centralized water supply systems.

Not without reason, the ancient Romans, who founded a colony in this place, called it Lutetia, which means “swamp” or “puddle”.

Modern Paris Promenade

In just 200 years, Paris has changed beyond recognition. Today, according to historical paving stones, it is considered an honor to pass royal persons, celebrities, accompanied by dazzling beauties of the escorts Paris category, insanely rich Arab sheikhs.

The concept of “promenade” has become a kind of symbol, replacing its purely French coloring with an international name. After all, at the film festival in Nice, world stars make a promenade along the famous red carpet. But what to say - even the Oscar applicants are simply obliged to make a promenade under the shots of cameras.

And for ordinary Parisians, the meaning of the word “promenade” never acquired a glamorous shade. After all, for millions of French promenade - this is not the way to the spotlights and the hall of glory, but an ordinary walk. Usually, the French, seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, are very jealous of the word "promenade". Not forgetting to clarify that the authorship of this very concept belongs to them.