Paris's famous boulevards

Virtually any more or less large European city boasts the presence of boulevards. These wide streets with avenues and elements of urban infrastructure are designed not only to decorate the rather dull picture of the metropolis, but also to serve as certain centers of communication, a place of meetings and communication. But none of the cities can boast of their boulevards as Paris.

Here, the boulevard is not just a part of the city, but a mystically mysterious place, surrounded by its own history. Walking along one of the Parisian boulevards, one can easily meet a person of royal blood, a celebrity from the world of show business, the dazzling beauty of the Paris top escorts category, or a respectable businessman. No wonder the very concept of "boulevard" has a pronounced French language origin.

Like many places in Paris, the boulevards of the French capital are enveloped in a halo of legends, sometimes romantic, and at times ominous. Unlike many other European cities, in Paris almost every boulevard keeps its secrets and has its own unique history.

This has happened since the time of Louis XIV, who by his decree of 1670, ordered to form a ring of so-called “Grands Boulevards” at the site of the ruins of fortresses. So the residents of the French capital in the place of anti sanitation, garbage dumps and plague nurseries saw a nice looking picture.

It must be said that the Parisians, who have a subtle aesthetic perception of the world around them, had to taste this order of the monarch. Even centuries after the death of the legendary king, Paris was overgrown with new and new boulevard rings as the city grew and expanded.

No wonder today, even on its outskirts, ordinary tourists and successful businessmen, accompanied by beauties of the top female companion category, and even world celebrities defile along the boulevards.

Among the legendary Parisian boulevards, the most famous are the following:

    • Boulevard des Capucines, immortalized even in Soviet cinema;

    • du ​​Templ, on the pavement of which a large number of events historically significant for France took place;

    • de la Madeleine, celebrated by the authors of the French literary classics.

But there is still Saint-Martin, Saint-Denis, Montmartre. And each of these boulevards has its own history, secrets and legends to which a separate and rather lengthy article should be devoted.