Paris Festival


Autumn time is not without reason considered one of the best seasons for visiting Paris, true connoisseurs of history, art and high-quality entertainment. First, at this time in the city it becomes noticeably less noisy tourists.

Secondly, prices for almost everything are significantly reduced. And thirdly, it is in the autumn in the capital of France that the creative life, which was dormant in the summer, for which the City of Romance is famous, awakens.

For more than 40 years, in the second decade of September, the traditional Autumn Festival has begun in the French capital, which is a continuous musical, theatrical and artistic marathon lasting several weeks. It was at this time that the concentration of representatives of the world beau monde, respectable men, charming beauties of the Paris elite escorts class, show business stars and other celebrities sharply increased.

Usually the Parisian autumn festival lasts for about three months. During this time, the residents and numerous visitors of the city are offered the widest possible choice of cultural programs:

    • music and dance events in various genres, ranging from classical to ultra-modern;

    • over 350 theatrical performances of a wide variety of trends and styles;

    • various exhibitions, performances, art competitions, rich cinematographic program.

To this must be added folk festivals with colorful street performances, gastronomic festivals, fairs and other events of various kinds. In autumn, all museums and theaters are open in Paris, some of which take a break for the summer period. And all this is complemented by unique landscapes, painted with bright autumn natural colors.

Is it any wonder that during this period tourists of the elite class are striving here? True connoisseurs of various types of art, representatives of royal families, financial tycoons, handsome men accompanied by luxurious ladies of the category Paris VIP escorts, artists, musicians, celebrities - it is from September to November that the capital of the Fifth Republic acquires the most respectable and even pathos status.

But at the same time, the legendary romantic atmosphere, which made this unique place famous, continues invisibly, but quite noticeably, to soar in the air of famous streets and boulevards.