Paradisaic delight

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You should start acquaintance with interesting locations with the classics - the symbol of France. After all, she is, as always, unshakable and majestic at any time. This, of course, is about the Eiffel Tower. You will not be able to miss this attraction, because it is the main landmark and one of the main decorations of the capital. We advise you to climb it in the evening, when there are fewer tourists. But in this case, you will only see Paris at night. I would like to note that he is insanely good and brilliant.

Montmartre which is considered the highest point of the capital, with its popular Sacré Coeur Basilica. From here, a simply divine view opens, striking with its splendor the eye. You can climb the hill using the famous staircases or using the cable car. Champs Elysees is a wide, immense avenue. The Arc de Triomphe is installed in its center. It can be conditionally divided into several zones. This is a park and a shop. You can wander here endlessly.

Cabaret is a property of the French and one of the favorite places to come here. A breathtaking performance with the participation of beautiful dancers, brightly and tastefully discharged, in addition to modern lighting effects and decorations, will not leave anyone indifferent. One of the most popular is the Moulin Rouge.

In addition to all of the above, we offer you to thoroughly get acquainted with the national cuisine by visiting a restaurant.

Or arrange a picnic for yourself. Great idea, though. After all, there are many wonderful corners for these purposes. Sit in some beautiful park. In the fresh air, you will work up an excellent appetite. And don't forget to grab a bottle of wine.

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