Only double

In the legendary quarter of Paris, which bears the historical name of Montmartre, there are many restaurants, cafes and bistros, each of which is shrouded in legend. This is perhaps one of the most romantic places in the French capital. Local bohemians and representatives of the cream of society from all over the world, artists, musicians and performers strive here.

Bankers, respectable businessmen accompanied by luxurious beauties such as Paris escort girls, and just wealthy tourists from all over the world do not bypass this area.

But there is one truly unique establishment in Montmartre. If desired, it can give real pleasure from a romantic dinner, the impressions of which will never be erased from memory! To look down on Paris in the evening, and even enjoy delicious dishes of the author's cuisine - isn't it a dream?

In fact, Montmartre is a hill, albeit not significantly, but towering over the city plain. But the paradox of this place is that almost all decent restaurants and cafes are located in its very bottom. Moreover, as a rule, on the first floors of buildings. There are, of course, hotels with observation decks and restaurants with terraces, but what kind of romance is there ...

At first glance, an institution called La Boite aux Lettres does not stand out in any way. No, the cuisine here is definitely great! Moreover, the chef himself does not consider it shameful for himself to approach the guest and unobtrusively inquire about his opinion about this or that dish.

But is it only the impeccable service and the unique taste of the author's cuisine that attract guests here? Why are there so many respectable gentlemen, accompanied by dazzling beauties, accompanied by the elite class of top-models escort girls, fine-looking married couples and just very rich tourists? What attracts them here?

The fact is that this elite restaurant is one of the few where you can rent a separate table located at the very top for an additional fee. That's where the real romance of Paris is! And even if the sore Eiffel Tower does not appear before your eyes - the rooftops of Montmartre and the view of the City of Love lying at your feet are worth a lot!

By the way, with regard to the companion. It’s unwise enough to enjoy the legendary rooftops of Montmartre alone. Much more vivid pleasure can be obtained in the company of a charming girl who can strike on the spot with her radiant smile! It is these enchantresses, as they say, for every taste and wallet, presented in our catalog!

Do you want to visit the company of an irresistible film actress or fashion model? Or, on the contrary, do you like a modest and shy provincial? Or maybe you wanted to spend a romantic evening, diluting it with exotic colors? Take your pick and enjoy!