On the shore of the sky


In life, very often there are moments in which the presence of a nearby beautiful half of humanity is absolutely necessary. It can be a business meeting in an informal setting, to which everyone is invited with their soul mates. Also, there is some party at a business partner, where, as it turned out, the guests will come in pairs.

There are such cases that a businessman came to an unfamiliar country on business, and everything was postponed to another day, or maybe even a week. And now somehow you need to pass the time, get acquainted with the most famous sights, turn to a professional guide.

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What can surprise you the most romantic city of the universe? In addition to world-famous locations, here you can find a considerable number of interesting places to explore hidden places, find original sculptures in quiet streets and stroll through colorful markets in search of unique products.

Also turn your eyes to French cuisine. It is distinguished by its diversity and a daring combination of tastes. Sauces are served here for any of the dishes. Their French invented a great many.

From the simplest products, the most complex and incredible masterpieces are created. Here is the basic rule. Be sure to try the following: frog legs (similar in flavor to chicken); croissants duck confit; cassule (chowder with meat and beans); consomme (beef or chicken broth.

It is strong in itself, but lightened); ratatouille; fondue (cheese or chocolate); truffles (a delicious kind of mushrooms); onion soup; crepes (crispy thin pancakes) and more. And do not forget the main thing. A glass of wine in such a wonderful company is clearly not superfluous. And only add bright colors.And let all this charm not end. Or will continue soon. After all, you deserve only the best!