Notre Dame Cathedral

 One of the most famous and mysterious secrets of the capital of France - Notre Dame De Paris - devoted a lot of artistic works:

    • ballet performances;

    • literary works;

    • movies and documentaries

And at the same time, the overwhelming majority of people rarely recall that the Cathedral was erected in the XII century and at first served as a cult place. And no gentlemen in luxurious camisoles came there, and their luxurious girls of the category Paris call girls did not accompany them - then there was no such thing. In the Cathedral of Notre Dame went quite ordinary people. Although they were Parisians.


For a time, until the time of Notre Dame was a quite ordinary church, and even located on the outskirts of the Roman provincial domains. But in the historical period, which is called \"Renaissance\", this building, built in the Gothic style, acquired a symbolic meaning. The same cathedral, not just rebuilt, became almost a symbol of France.

According to legend, Notre-Dame de Paris owes its great glory to Louis XIII, King of France. The wife of the king could not delight his hearing about the expected heir for 23 years. And the lord of Europe was ready to make the most terrible decision. But Anna of Austria was lucky to take a look at Notre. After 9 months she had a son.

It was after this miraculous event that the unimpressive Parisian cathedral became world famous. It is today that presidents, ministers, stars of world cinema and beauty class VIP escort Paris are reverently leaning in front of these walls. And those dashing times that accompanied the turbulent history of France, Notre Dame met with its inhabitants:

    • 5 revolutions;

    • world wars with horrific casualties;

    • becoming the cradle of European democracy.

Today, Notre Dame de Paris is considered one of the greatest and most popular attractions in the world. And the famous classic of world culture glorified this building to the whole world. Who does not know the story of the unfortunate hunchback and his unrequited love for a beauty named Esmeralda.