In the best traditions

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This majestic city is ready to meet you with open arms and to please you with its delights. Here everyone will find something to their liking. To any wallet and status. Many of those who come here consider it their duty to appreciate all the delights of French cuisine.

You can visit, as well as ordinary establishments (bistro), and famous restaurants. In some, you will pamper yourself with aromatic coffee and crispy only baked croissants. In others, choose the most exquisite dishes. For example, the legendary frog legs, ratatouille, juicy steak and more. And, of course, one cannot do without a glass of sparkling wine.

Evening and nightly entertainment in Paris is enough. Therefore, you won’t be bored. Ultimately, everything will depend on your taste and individual preferences. The Eiffel Tower is considered the most popular attraction. It is safe to say that she bears this title deservedly. It is visited annually by millions of tourist groups. At any time of the day it is beautiful in its own way. And three viewing platforms allow you to enjoy beautiful views at one hundred percent.

Walk without fail and see the sights. For example, the Arc de Triomphe (a monument in honor of the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte); Sacre Coeur (snow-white church, which was built in the Roman-Byzantine style); Opera Garnier (State Opera House); Champs Elysees (one of the main streets of the city.

It holds the largest part of the parades); The Louvre Museum (a world-famous museum and the former residence of the royal family); Luxembourg Gardens (a favorite vacation spot by many with a charming atmosphere); Montparnasse (one of the first skyscrapers) and more. The main thing is to avoid immense tourist clusters, so choose the right time to visit.

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